Already during his studies at the Groningen Academy of Music Eeuwe started to give organ lessons. He is a keen and enthusiastic teacher, who is motivated by the thought that the art of organ-playing ought to be handed down to future generations and that the organ must not become an obsolete instrument. Eeuwe is of the opinion that organs are unjustly associated exclusively with the church and church services. He seeks to take the organ out of the church - figuratively speaking. Eeuwe believes the organ is not just an instrument to be used during worship in church; it is an instrument in its own right.

Pupils from public schools (i.e. non-religious state schools) who take a guided tour with Eeuwe, are often fascinated by a church organ: an unfamiliar phenomenon loses its strangeness and becomes appreciated. For some of them such a first introduction leads to their taking organ lessons.

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Adults find the organ lessons most inspiring. They start at their own level of proficiency. Eeuwe assesses their skills and takes it from there, paying special attention to posture. Pupils are stimulated to experience their own performance, to become aware of articulation, listening attitude, possibilities and impossibilities, and continually to strive for improvement. Self-motivation and the development of an individual style are always of central importance. Eeuwe does not believe in stereotypes, instead he aims to further the development of a pupil's authenticity. They may rightly be called 'lessons made to measure'.

Four special organs
Pupils are taught on four different organs, each of which is very special:
  • The organ of the Martini Church in Groningen
  • The organ of the Mennonite Church in Groningen
  • The organ of "De Oosterpoort" Arts Centre in Groningen
  • The organ of the Dutch Reformed Church (Grote Kerk) in Harlingen
These four organs are complementary and between them they cover all musical styles and periods, which makes it possible to select every thinkable item from the vast organ repertoire. Click here for more information about the organs.

A unique and compact organ
Eeuwe has commissioned a totally unique, portable organ to be built. This organ consists of no less than 100 different organ pipes, a bellows and a keyboard. All the different types of organ pipes are included (flute, trumpet, wood, metal). The organ is constructed of oak and plexiglass, enabling one to see exactly what is happening within. This feature makes the organ most suitable for teaching purposes at virtually every location. Click here for a video of the organ. In the video the organ is still under construction, in the workshop of Van der Putten organ makers in Finsterwolde.